I've Got The Same Combination On My Luggage'

Polish government asks citizens to multiply like rabbits

AP News  •  11/8/2017

The Polish government is encouraging citizens to go forth and multiply like rabbits.

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Zimbabwe's Mugabe says fired deputy plotted via witchcraft

Farai Mutsaka  •  AP News  •  11/8/2017

Zimbabwe's president said Wednesday he fired his deputy and longtime ally for scheming to take power, including by consulting witch doctors, while Emmerson Mnangagwa said he has left the country after "incessant threats" to him and his family.

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Washington, D.C., is Home to America's Largest Collection of Parasites

Ed Yong  •  The Atlantic  •  11/8/2017

Anna Phillips is delighted because I've just found her favorite parasite, which she had misplaced a year ago.

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That fighter who died in the cage last weekend wants you to know he's feeling much better

Jesse Holland  •  MMA Mania  •  11/7/2017

Regional welterweight CJ Hancock went into his Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) fight last weekend after cutting too much weight, and took a kick to the body which sent him crashing to the canvas.

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Girlfriend calls police to turn in boyfriend for reward money while together in stolen car

FOX 17 Nashville  •  11/7/2017

The girlfriend of a man accused of stealing a rental car from the Nashville Airport called police to turn him in for reward money while allegedly riding in the stolen car.

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McDonalds App Tells You When Ice Cream Machine Is Broken

Megan McCluskey  •  Time  •  11/6/2017

The pain of ordering a McFlurry at McDonald's only to be told the ice cream is machine is broken may finally be over.

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Rugby League: Scotland players sent home for being 'too drunk to board flight'

Aaron Bower  •  The Guardian  •  11/5/2017

Scotland's World Cup campaign has descended into chaos after three of their players – including their captain and star player – were sent home from the tournament for misconduct. The trio are understood to have been too drunk to board a flight.

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Jean-Claude Van Damme and Green Power Ranger Throw Down After Decades-Long Beef

The Blast  •  11/5/2017

In a scene that sounds more like a movie plot than reality, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Green Power Ranger/MMA fighter Jason David Frank got into a heated altercation at Comic Con on Saturday.

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Court Rules Zoo Can't Let Kids Swim With Crocodiles Anymore

Janissa Delzo  •  Newsweek  •  11/4/2017

A German zoo will no longer be able to let children participate in one of its main attractions: swimming with crocodiles and alligators. The ban—which aims to protect children from the deadly reptiles—was made official during a court ruling on Thursday, The Local reports.

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Wisconsin Legislators Approve Bill That Would Make it Legal for Toddlers to Hunt With Guns

Todd Richmond  •  NBC Chicago  •  11/3/2017

Residents of any age, even toddlers, could legally hunt in Wisconsin under a bill the Assembly passed that eliminates the state's minimum hunting age.

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