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Missing woman found on latest season of 'The Bachelor'

WFLA 8  •  2/2/2018

A woman who was reported missing in California can be found on television sets across the country, SF Gate reports.

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Dead Goose Falls From Sky, Knocks Hunter Unconscious

CBS Detroit  •  2/2/2018

A waterfowl hunter is in stable condition after a dead goose fell from the sky and knocked him unconscious.

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Man Uses $1m Win To Finally Visit Doctor, Gets Terminal Cancer Diagnosis, Dies Weeks Later

Harriet Sinclair  •  Newsweek  •  2/1/2018

A New York lottery winner who used some of his million-dollar prize to pay for a visit to the doctor, was told he had stage 4 cancer, and died several weeks later.

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Amazon pulls hair dryer after woman discovers it shoots fire

Alexander Maveal  •  Global News  •  2/1/2018

Amazon has pulled several hair care products from their website after a South Carolina woman posted video of a hair dryer she ordered smoking and shooting fire.

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Michigan man's dog approved for unemployment

Perry A. Farrell and Sarah Sell  •  Detroit Free Press  •  1/31/2018

Michael Haddock, an attorney in Saugatuck, was surprised when he got a letter in the mail addressed to a Michael Ryder qualifying Ryder for unemployment benefits.

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Amazon pulls 'infant circumscision training kit' from UK site

Irish Examiner  •  12/20/2017

Amazon has removed a circumcision training kit from sale on its website following concern that it encouraged DIY surgery.

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Loud orgies of Mexican fish could deafen dolphins, say scientists

The Guardian  •  12/19/2017

A species of Mexican fish amasses in reproductive orgies so loud they can deafen other sea animals, awed scientists have said, calling for preservation of the "spectacle" threatened by overfishing.

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National Transportation Safety Board Official Killed In Indiana Plane Crash

Laurel Wamsley  •  NPR  •  12/19/2017

The crash of a small plane in Indiana killed three people on Saturday night – and one was an official at the National Transportation Safety Board.

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Britain's new S$5.4 billion warship has a leak, World News

AsiaOne  •  12/19/2017

Britain's biggest ever warship, the new 3.1 billion pound (S$5.4 billion) aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, has a leak and needs repairs, the Ministry of Defence said on Tuesday (Dec 19).

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Police catch candy thief with garbage can filled with sweets

Channel3000.com  •  12/19/2017

A 55-year-old man is in custody after Madison Police say he tried stealing $500 worth of candy.

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