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I've Got The Same Combination On My Luggage'

What inflation? Cannabis actually costs less these days

Alicia Wallace  •  CNN  •  2/26/2022

The grocery run, the fuel-up and the utility bill are all costing more these days — not to mention the surging home prices and rising rents. But a trip to the neighborhood dispensary might not elicit similar feelings of sticker shock.

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Arrest made, thanks to a goat

Bill Wyatt  •  Martinsville Bulletin  •  2/21/2022

Thanks to the civilian services of a resident goat, the Henry County Sheriff's Office got their man.

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Man with no arms accused of harassing women by asking to touch their feet

Alexis Wainwright  •  Fox 8 Cleveland  •  7/16/2021

A warrant has been issued in Arkansas for a man with no arms who is accused of harassing women.

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North Korean gymnast defects by vaulting fences

Nicola Smith  •  WAtoday  •  11/25/2020

A North Korean gymnast has escaped to South Korea by swinging himself over the border barricades without triggering sensors, according to reports.

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Spirit animal: Minnesota squirrel gets drunk after eating fermented pears

The Guardian  •  11/25/2020

A squirrel in Minnesota has enjoyed an early and especially festive start to the holiday season by being videoed apparently drunkenly feasting on pears that had fermented and become alcoholic.

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A weird monolith is found in the Utah desert

Alan Yuhas  •  artdaily.com  •  11/25/2020

At the base of a barren slot canyon in Utah's Red Rock Country, a team that was counting bighorn sheep by helicopter spotted something odd and landed to take a closer look.

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Covid-19: World's top latex glove maker shuts factories

BBC  •  11/24/2020

The world's largest maker of latex gloves will shut more than half of its factories after almost 2,500 employees tested positive for coronavirus.

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Stag runs away with rifle stolen from hunter in Czech Republic

The Blend  •  11/24/2020

Czech police said on Tuesday they were looking for a rifle "luckily unloaded" and stolen from a hunter by a deer last week. The animal fled with a rifle stuck in its woods during a hunt near the town of Horni Plana (southwest).

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Singapore 'smiley-face' activist in one-man protest charged with unlawful assembly

Rebecca Ratcliffe  •  The Guardian  •  11/24/2020

An activist who held a sign bearing a smiley face as part of a one-man protest in Singapore has been charged with unlawful assembly.

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A Man Goes to the Doctor for Depression Over His Wife's Affair... Turns Out the Affair Was with the Doctor

Tim Virgin  •  101.1 WKQX  •  11/23/2020

Here's something that feels like it could ONLY happen in a movie, but it actually happened to some poor guy in real life.

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