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Is a recession coming? Alan Greenspan says the answer is in men's underwear

Nicole Goodkind  •  CNN  •  3/26/2022

Former Federal Reserve head Alan Greenspan has a keen interest in men's underwear.

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South Carolina boater who fatally shot jet skier he tried to rescue had no choice, slain man's pal says

Rebecca Rosenberg  •  FOX News  •  3/25/2022

The boater who rescued a jet skier from drowning in a South Carolina lake and then fatally shot him had no choice after the man went berserk, the victim's friend told investigators.

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4 Chinese badminton players found guilty of not playing seriously

Fox 13 Tampa Bay  •  3/25/2022

Four Chinese badminton players are on probation for two years for failing to try their best to win a doubles match in 2018.

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Paralyzed Man Speaks First Words with Brain Implant, 'I Want a Beer'

Miami Standard  •  3/24/2022

"I want a beer"... a simple and direct request, but a damn amazing one because it was uttered by a paralyzed man who’s communicating for the first time in months, thanks to a life-changing brain implant.

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Denver man faces felony after city accuses him of making pickleball court without permission

CB Cotton  •  Denver 7  •  3/23/2022

A 71-year-old Denver man is facing a felony charge after city officials say he made a pickleball court without permission. With prosecution on the table, some believe the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

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Singer hospitalized because she wouldn't fart in front of partner

DC101  •  3/23/2022

Would you ever hold in a fart in front of your significant other? Did you know it may not be good for your health?

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Kremlin insists it is not killing Ukrainian civilians but "helping" them

Roman Petrenko  •  Pravda  •  3/23/2022

According to the Kremlin, the Russian military is not shooting at Ukrainian civilians but helping them.

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Dug the gigantic 'potato' not a potato after all

Megan Marples  •  CNN  •  3/23/2022

Dug may not be the world's largest potato, but it's still pretty spudtacular.

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Venice hotels give tourists water pistols for seagulls

ANSA.it  •  3/22/2022

Venice hotels have started giving tourists water pistols to ward off marauding gulls swooping down for their sandwiches and takeaway pizza bites.

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Northampton H.S. principal relieved of duties after calling students 'asshats'

Christopher Gavin  •  Boston.com  •  3/22/2022

Northampton High School will have an interim chief executive for several weeks, as administrators probe what happened when the principal referred to students as "asshats" in an internal communication.

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