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Man with no arms accused of harassing women by asking to touch their feet

Alexis Wainwright  •  Fox 8 Cleveland  •  7/16/2021

A warrant has been issued in Arkansas for a man with no arms who is accused of harassing women.

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North Korean gymnast defects by vaulting fences

Nicola Smith  •  WAtoday  •  11/25/2020

A North Korean gymnast has escaped to South Korea by swinging himself over the border barricades without triggering sensors, according to reports.

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Spirit animal: Minnesota squirrel gets drunk after eating fermented pears

The Guardian  •  11/25/2020

A squirrel in Minnesota has enjoyed an early and especially festive start to the holiday season by being videoed apparently drunkenly feasting on pears that had fermented and become alcoholic.

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A weird monolith is found in the Utah desert

Alan Yuhas  •  artdaily.com  •  11/25/2020

At the base of a barren slot canyon in Utah's Red Rock Country, a team that was counting bighorn sheep by helicopter spotted something odd and landed to take a closer look.

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Covid-19: World's top latex glove maker shuts factories

BBC  •  11/24/2020

The world's largest maker of latex gloves will shut more than half of its factories after almost 2,500 employees tested positive for coronavirus.

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Stag runs away with rifle stolen from hunter in Czech Republic

The Blend  •  11/24/2020

Czech police said on Tuesday they were looking for a rifle "luckily unloaded" and stolen from a hunter by a deer last week. The animal fled with a rifle stuck in its woods during a hunt near the town of Horni Plana (southwest).

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Singapore 'smiley-face' activist in one-man protest charged with unlawful assembly

Rebecca Ratcliffe  •  The Guardian  •  11/24/2020

An activist who held a sign bearing a smiley face as part of a one-man protest in Singapore has been charged with unlawful assembly.

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A Man Goes to the Doctor for Depression Over His Wife's Affair... Turns Out the Affair Was with the Doctor

Tim Virgin  •  101.1 WKQX  •  11/23/2020

Here's something that feels like it could ONLY happen in a movie, but it actually happened to some poor guy in real life.

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Surprisingly strong Hokkaido woman arrested for poking holes in 13 expensive melons with finger

Sora News 24  •  11/22/2020

This week in inexplicable crimes: police in Kushiro City, Hokkaido Prefecture announced the arrest of a woman suspected of puncturing 13 melons with her finger. However, rather than the simple greed that compelled a man to damage several Demon Slayer packages to get to the toy he wanted, her motives remain a mystery.

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Belgian town goes viral for installing phallic-shaped Christmas lights, Mayor issues apology

Belgian town goes viral for installing phallic-shaped Christmas lights, Mayor issues apology

The Indian Express  •  11/22/2020

Christmas decorations at a Belgium town became a hot top of discussion on social media as the tall column structures started getting compared with male genitals, causing controversy for the local administration but peals of laughter around the world on the internet.

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