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Man sues Buffalo Wild Wings, claiming 'boneless wings' are chicken nuggets

WKRC Local 12  •  3/12/2023

A man has filed a class-action lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings for their 'boneless wings.'

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DEA officer accused of buying drugs from confidential informant

Tobie Nell Perkins  •  First Coast News  •  3/11/2023

A former Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Year who was assigned to a Drug Enforcement Agency task force is accused of buying drugs from a confidential source, according to a criminal complaint obtained by First Coast News.

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Ghibli Park theme park must stop visitors taking lewd selfies with statues, Japanese authorities say

Xiaofei Xu and Amy Woodyatt  •  CNN  •  3/10/2023

Japanese authorities have vowed to take action following reports that visitors to a theme park showcasing scenes from beloved animated films have been taking indecent photographs of themselves with statues of the characters.

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Bungling burglar left his own birth certificate at crime scene during theft spree

ITV  •  3/9/2023

A burglar who left his birth certificate and prison ID cards at the scene of his crimes has been jailed.

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WWE in talks over legalized betting on scripted match results

Alex Sherman  •  CNBC  •  3/8/2023

WWE is in talks with state gambling regulators to legalize betting on high-profile matches, according to people familiar with the matter.

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SunnyD uses bold, tangy flavor in new drink just for adults

SunnyD uses bold, tangy flavor in new drink just for adults

Debra Worley  •  WVVA  •  3/8/2023

SunnyD isn’t just for kids anymore. The juice brand is launching a new hard seltzer featuring its bold, tangy orange flavor.

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City of Toronto puts up sign limiting barking at dog park, removes it following public scrutiny

Ahmar Khan  •  Global News  •  3/8/2023

To bark or not bark? That was the predicament dog owners visiting St. Andrew’s Playground Dog Park were in at the popular dog destination on Wednesday.

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Georgia thieves busted by cops when they stopped to charge getaway Tesla

Landon Mion  •  FOX Business  •  3/6/2023

Two Georgia suspects were taken into custody for stealing gaming systems after police located them charging their getaway vehicle.

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Art swindlers selling fake Goya get paid in photocopied bills

Jordi Mumbrú  •  El País  •  2/20/2023

Two brothers from Girona who planned on swindling an Arab sheik into buying a forged Goya painting found out they were the ones who had been swindled when the 1.7 million Swiss francs they had received in payment turned out to be all in photocopied bills.

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Is a recession coming? Alan Greenspan says the answer is in men's underwear

Nicole Goodkind  •  CNN  •  3/26/2022

Former Federal Reserve head Alan Greenspan has a keen interest in men's underwear.

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